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      Sanjeevani Agrotech Hatchery Pvt. Ltd. will produce one day-old chicks which are hatched from eggs produced from layer breeders housed in the company's facilities. The egg incubation stage is followed by the chick hatching procedure and finally the vaccination. The company will make sure that the product delivered to farms is of the best possible quality.  The following breed of one day old chicks are to be hatched in our premises :-

(a) Country Chicken – Vanraja Vanraja is a multi-coloured, medium sized dual purpose bird developed for rural/ backyard farming. The male chicks of 'Vanraja' are able to attain a moderate body weight for table purpose at 8 weeks of age and the pullet is able to produce good number of eggs utilizing locally available feed ingredients and adopting to prevailing ecological conditions.

(b) Broiler Cobb 100 - Broiler breeders from Cobb 100, a relatively older breed based on breeding stock imported from the United States and benefiting from a long period of adaptation to Indian climatic and disease conditions housed in the company's premises produce one day-old broiler chicks of high quality and vitality.